A place for the people who search the special.
And estimate the personal.


To create a place on which people and horses feel fine equally. A place to meet the nature, wholesome rest and relaxed atmosphere on informal hospitality and professional horse competence and horse education in which quality stands instead of quantity at the foremost place.


To create a place on which the horse may be a horse and even though – or just, therefore – can produce the highest sporty achievements.


A place far away from stress and hectic rush on which riders and horse can meet in a careful come together and get to know each other to find out weather they could become a match for the future.


From this claim the offer of the property Gut Feichten Sportspferdemanagement has originated.


Our claim is to support you professionally, besides, to find the horse right for you as a sports partner, partner and friend.


Whether highly decorated Grand Prix horse or on your claims of co-ordinated leisure partners – our passion is to produce a match.